Friday, November 03, 2006

West Virginia-Louisville Thoughts

I was completely surprised by this game. I thought Louisville would be handily beaten and that WVU would be a virtual lock for the BCS championship. I was happily surprised, however. After watching the game, I thought I was watching a PAC 10 game: all offense and no defense. This game merely proved what I have long thought: neither team plays anybody worth a crap (including each other). If they had, their defenses would not have been so highly vaunted coming into the game. I read columns which predicted a defensive battle because of statistics from prior games; those statistics were exposed as completely false. WVU has no passing defense whatsoever and Louisville's defense only won because WVU kept shooting themselves in the foot by fumbling.
I am hoping that this game will give some voters pause in annointing Louisville the presumptive BCS title game contender (they may lose next week to Rutgers, a.k.a. the powerhouse State University of New Jersey; just their name strikes fear in my heart). Ohio State's or Michigan's offense would make Louisville's defense look like a high school squad (pretty much like WVU did when they could hold onto the ball) and, here is the kicker, both Ohio State and Michigan actually have a defense, one that would demolish Louisville's offense.
After the game, I thought that the commentators had largely backed off their claims that the winner of this game, who lets be honest they all thought would be WVU by wide margin, was a lock for the BCS championship. I think they were surprised by how weak both teams looked on defense and maybe questioned their previous rhetoric that the Big East is a powerhouse conference on par with the SEC's and Big 10's of the world. I certainly hope so. While I would enjoy watching the Big East champion get buried by Ohio State or Michigan, I would enjoy a close game between the SEC champion and the Ohio State-Michigan winner even more.


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