Saturday, October 07, 2006

A Pyrrhic Victory and Defeat

Watching Auburn get manhandled all day by Arkansas and watching LSU currently getting beat by Florida (3rd quarter 23-7 so they could come back), neither team looks like a top 10 team although I think that they both probably are. The announcers during the Auburn game kept talking about how Tuberville said Auburn had not recovered from the LSU game and was still physically suffering. I am not sure I don't believe him. By the same token, I wonder if LSU is not still suffering physically too.
When 2 top ten teams, especially SEC teams, square off, it is bound to be a hit highlight reel. That game did not disappoint. However, I think both teams are still paying for it. Truly a pity they don't play in the PAC-10 with USC where you don't play a top ten team until the bowl game. Pyrrhic victories would seem to be much less common.


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