Friday, September 01, 2006

Insane in the membrane? Subtitle: Dorky evidentiary musings...

This is interesting. Mildly disturbing, but interesting nontheless. It seems that a lawyer fatally stabbed his neighbor to death after hearing that the neighbor had molested the lawyer's two year old daughter.

I appears from the issued statements that this guy will claim [temporary?] insanity when [if?] he is charged with murder. Here's what I am wondering: At trial can the prosecutors cast aspersions at this guy because he is a lawyer, and he [presumably] knows precisely what it would take to establish an insanity defense--can they suggest that he conformed his actions to those that would "fit" an insanity defense?

If not, can they at least mock him for relying on a hearsay statement in making his decison to slice?

Cheers to The Namby Pamby for this story...


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