Thursday, August 17, 2006

Oh no... We suck again!

I last apologized for our "extended absence" back in May. Now it is August, and we have only posted 7 times since... Anyhow, we are now back - back with a vengeance, back to school, and back up to our old tricks. OK - that sounded kind of lame, but the point is that we are now back.

As the good Lt. explained earlier, we have all been busy leading the glamorous and oft-envied lives of law clerks. He and I both stayed here in the great state and worked for the cream-de-la-cream of Alabama firms (although I frankly suspect that Dan will decline all 6 of his job offers and become a plaintiff's lawyer in Wetumpka). Boat and Paddle were off jet-setting with a couple of high-rolling international outfits. I understand that their cubicles smelled of rich mahogany and contained many leather-bound books...

Anyhow, the point is that we have now returned to our humble roots as law students (in much the same way that Batman returns to his faithful Bruce Wayne persona ). Now that we no longer have to hop the private jet to Hong Kong, Dubai, or Faunsdale (for the crawfish...) or waste our time golfing at Augusta Nat'l every weekend, I am sure that we will have a lot more time to blog.

Thanks for sticking with us...


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