Wednesday, August 16, 2006

I get to play Buzz Aldrin!

While I am not usually a conspiracy theorist (although I am not completely sure Hillary Clinton is not a robot), I can't help myself on this one. NASA says they have misplaced videos of the original moon landing. Hmm...we have video of one of the most historic and famous events in history and it has been stored in an undisclosed location. Makes me wonder if it might not have been filmed in an undisclosed location, like say a studio in Area 51. Anyway, if they need to "land on the moon" again, then I will volunteer to go. All they have to do is pay for my plane ticket to Nevada, give me the right security clearance, and let me hop around in a partially inflatable suit. I hope they will let me drink Tang.


Blogger Bubba said...

Is that why everyone always calls you a "space cadet"?

6:27 PM  

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