Monday, June 26, 2006

Reports of our deaths have been greatly exagerrated

To all of our loyal or unloyal readers, I would like to apologize for our prolonged absence from the blogosphere. The 4 of us have been slaving away day and night at law firms in pursuit of what every child dreams of: a job where we can work 80 hours a week and still feel like we are behind.
To get a flavor of what we have been going through, I recommend you take a look at the Anonymous Law Firm's website. Obviously none of us are working at the Anonymous Law Firm because we do not attend a school with a high enough rank but our different firms do exemplify at least some of the characteristics of the Anonymous Law Firm.
I would write a longer blog but it is 6 p.m. meaning that my 5 minute dinner break has just ended. Maybe I will write another entry at 1 a.m. when I get my 30 minute break to sleep slumped over in my chair.


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