Friday, May 26, 2006

Welcome back... or thanks for not leaving... or whatever...

Recently, our dean interviewed for and was offered a position as dean of the UNC School of Law - which is ranked somewhat higher than the fine institution where Dan, Boat, Paddle, and myself are presently wowing the legal world with our prowess and verbal acumen. The dean has been at the law school for about 15 years or so, and, under his guidance, it has risen from the 3rd tier into the top 40. He has already reached the point where he will be remembered as one of the "great men" of the school for many years to come. Nonetheless, we all expected him to take the deanship at UNC. It seems to me that he was sort of at a crossroads - if he stays here any longer, he runs the risk of becoming so intertwined with the institution that he will loose some of his own personality to the school. Though I wanted him to stay, it seemed like a prudent choice to go...

But, I learned today that he is not leaving us. I think this is great news. The school is on the rise and will presumably continue its ascent. We have all been speculating about what he will do for several months now, and I would have thought everyone would be excited about the news.

But when I mentioned the good news to some of the alums at my summer law firm, they all reacted the same way - by asking if he still has his "porn mustache". Nothing about the great things he has done for the school, nothing about the quality of his character, just a generalized concern about his upper lip.

For the record, he shaved the stache...



Blogger Lt. Dan said...

Alright Bubba, come clean. It is obvious that in the real picture he still had a mustache and you edited it out to make it look like he shaved. I still think he has the stache.

8:24 PM  

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