Monday, May 29, 2006

Thanks to All the Vets

I meant to write this post sooner but was out of town for the weekend and did not have internet access. Just for the record, Lt. Dan is an internet name and I am not a veteran, nor did I serve in any of the armed forces. Perhaps my lack of military service is why I so greatly admire every soldier who volunteers to serve in our nation's military. They put themselves on the line for our freedom: so that people like me can go to law school and blog; so that we can have a free (and sometimes ungrateful) press; so that high school seniors can have the choice of whether they want to go to work, go to college, go in the military, or anything else their hearts desire. Without veterans none of this would be possible.
Veterans pay a high cost for our freedoms: some of them die in combat, some of them go crazy and never recover, some are haunted by nightmares, and some live ordinary lives after their service is over. Regardless, they all sacrificed at minimum part of their time to defend our country. Time they could have spent with their parents or spouses or children; time they could have spent at the beach or in the mountains or grilling out in the backyard; time they can never have back.
I hope today that you will take a moment to thank a veteran if you see one or just to say a silent prayer thanking God for their sacrifice. If you feel so inclined (and are not a broke law student), there is a charity which exists to give scholarships to the children of military and federal law enforcement officers who are killed in the line of duty. It is called the Marine Corps-Law Enforcement Foundation and I believe every dime donated goes to scholarships (in other words there is no overhead; I am pretty sure about this but did not specifically check). Giving to this foundation would be a great way to honor a veteran you know or to honor a veteran you don't know.
The heart of this post is that Memorial Day holds great meaning for Lt. Dan. I will never forget the sacrifice and selflessness of veterans because without them I would not be able to live the life I live.


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