Monday, May 15, 2006

CNN: Bush League or Bush Haters?

Drudge is carrying a story about how CNN "mistakenly" aired 16 seconds of Bush rehearsing his immigration speech tonight. Apparently the network had to apologize for its "honest mistake" just like they earlier had to apologize for placing an "X" over the Vice President's face. This leaves us with two possible alternatives: 1) CNN is run by completely incompetent people who cannot keep rehearsals separate from live feeds or 2) CNN hates the Bush administration and is invested in their defeat no matter what the consequences. I suspect the latter and, given CNN's ratings versus Fox News and other networks, I have a feeling the American people agree with me.
Liberal bias? No way. Just listen to the liberal media who proclaim they give you the straight story as they place X's on vice presidents and "confuse" where the president stammers, stops, and asks for assistance with live video feeds.


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