Saturday, April 01, 2006

More on your boy Bonds

Lt Dan's recent post on Barry Bonds got me thinking - and I wonder, does anybody actually think that Bonds doesn't use steroids? I remember when Bonds rookied. He and Bobby Bonilla were the east-coast counterpoint to west-coast bash brothers Conseco and McGuire. And I vividly remember that Bonds was the least exciting player in that group of four -in fact, the only reason he seemed to get any attention was because his daddy was a famous ballplayer.

Now, I sort of quit following ball while I was in college (too busy studying around the clock - yeah right) and picked it back up later. Imagine my surprise when I learned that BB was not only still playing, but that he was now a major star (I was also shocked that Boggs and Clemens both played for the Yanks late in life, that Paul Molitor was allowed to continue playing, and that Rickey Henderson was still alive - but that is beyond the scope of this post). I was also surprised to note that Bonds had nearly doubled in size. Observe below:

Barry Bonds - Early 1990's

Please remember that he was already a full grown man in both of these pictures - its not like these were taken in high school or anything... I know people can change over time, but let's be reasonable

Barry Bonds Today

I have used creatine, andro, and other legal substances, I have spent most of my life playing sports and training regularly, and I have had some good friends give in to the temptation of steroids - I can say from personal experience and observation that this kind of change just doesn't happen naturally - even if you work out like a champ.

I wholeheartedly agree w/ Lt. Dan, the investigation is long overdue... Unless, of course, you would prefer the approach of the bodybuilding world. We could have a "regular" baseball league, and an "all natural" league where the players are the size of real people. I guess the choice is really up to us - the fans.


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