Thursday, April 27, 2006

Look Out US: Here Come the French.

The much maligned French seem to have figured out how to compete with the US economy: by creating the French version of Google. Yep, having failed at any semblance of free market reform and instead choosing to permanently enshrine and celebrate nearly double digit unemployment, they have learned their lesson: the US is great because of Google. Forget our free markets, educational system where post-high school training is available to almost anyone who wants it, and our constitution; the real reason the US is a world leader is Google!
The story is entitled "Chirac unveils his grand plan to restore French pride" and can be found here. Along with plans to creat a French Google, Chirac unveiled 5 other plans: "A plan for delivering high-quality television to mobile phones, a project for refineries to turn cereals into chemicals, a new light train system, and diesel and electric cars are to be part-funded by the Agency for Industrial Innovation, set up by Mr Chirac. German companies and scientists will work with French industry on the projects." Look out: TV on their cell phones. This really might make the French more like America in that it could lead to more traffic accidents.
It is obvious France truly understands how the world works and what makes a country great: it is OK if 10% of country is unemployed as long as you have Google and TV on your cell phone. The students who rioted should love this: they have no jobs and nothing better to do than surf the internet and watch TV. The only thing that Chirac forgot is some sort of French version of Halo or Doom or Call of Duty (well maybe not Call of Duty; a French version would involve one gunshot followed by a white flag and waiting until the Americans showed up to save you). With initiatives like this we might be speaking French in 10 years; this blog might have to be renamed Le Gump's Law.


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