Monday, April 03, 2006

Free iPods for everyone...

I have heard about this Birmingham iPod bonanza as well, and I think Mr. Boat is right - this is going a little overboard. You all know how it is with these big firms - it is one big game of follow the leader. Next year they will all be giving out iPods; it will be a standard part of the package.

When the 1Ls go into their OCIs, they will ask "If I am hired by your firm, how many gigabytes can I expect?" Lord knows it is better than the second-rate box of Hershey's I got at Christmas time...


Blogger Lt. Dan said...

Mrs. Lt. Dan wonders what spouses of these iPod recipients receive. Pink iPod's? Blackberry's? Pink RAZR cell phones? She says, and Lt. Dan agrees, that spouses are the one's who have a great deal of input and firms neglect them at their own risk.

6:59 PM  

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