Saturday, April 29, 2006

$1.7 Million for Being Spanked

I think this story is just too good to pass up. Yes, I understand that employers should not spank there employees and thus I don't have a problem with the plaintiff being compensated but I do have a problem with the amount of damages as well as a quote from the plaintiff.

First, as to the damages, they are ridiculously high. Every day there are wrongful death suits that result in far less damages than this for far more egregious acts. In addition, I have even worked on a case where a man got his thumb cut off and did not even receive six figures. Not to be crass, but this case begs the question, would you get spanked for $1.7 million?

Second, I think the quote from the plaintiff's attorney is ridiculous:

"Nationwide this will make for a safer workplace, help ensure less harassment in the workplace," Orlando's attorney Nicholas "Butch" Wagner told Reuters.

Well, Butch that is a great soundbite but you have to be kidding me. I just don't by into the belief that there are numerous employers who spank employees for being late to sales meetings, as was the case for this company. Butch also later states that this was sex discrimination in that women were predominantly spanked. That begs the question, why are women always late?

So, sure compensate the woman for getting spanked but don't give her $1.7 million and try to act like this is some monumental case. For goodness sakes, it was a policy of the company to spank so if the plaintiff didn't want to get spanked she could either (1) quit or (2) be on time.


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