Thursday, March 30, 2006

Time for Bush to go over the media's head

Perusing the headlines lately, I have become convinced that Bush is Hitler, Cheney eats babies, I am going to melt next week due to global warming, and that within a week Iraq's "civil war" is going to cause the South to secede from the union again. Does anybody else think the media is slightly overheated and has already chosen sides for the mid term elections this year? If I didn't know better (in other words, if they didn't tell me how objective they are), I would swear that they are intent on defeating Bush next fall even though he is not running.
To counter this, it is time for Bush to do what past presidents have done to rally the American people: go over the media's head by talking directly to the public. He should give more press conferences and speeches where he can explain, without the media's editorial remarks or distorting headlines, what he believes and why he should be supported. Reagan, Nixon, and Roosevelt did it; if it can work for them, it can work for Bush. While he is not the most articulate person and tends to invent words, he is genuine and passionate when he speaks and people respond to that. They don't say the president has the bully pulpit for nothing; it is time for Bush to use it to push back against a media eager for his, and his party's, defeat.


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