Thursday, March 30, 2006

Marriage and TV: the Vows Need Amending

During college, while I was single, I watched what I wanted on TV. This usually consisted Sportscenter for at least 3 hours in the morning, the Simpsons in the afternoon, and some sort of sporting event in the evening. I was happy and ESPN was selling ads at a premium price because it stayed on my TV for most of the day.
When I got married, all that changed. I really think that wedding vows should be amended to be "for richer or poorer, in sickness and in health, through chick flicks and the OC, until death do us part." Maybe I just missed it, but I was blind sided by just how much my TV viewing habits would change.
I am now hooked on Desperate Housewives: have never missed an episode. I have also seen every episode of Gray's Anatomy. To avoid watching the OC, One Tree Hill, and Gilmore Girls (the absolute worst show on television; there will be a separate post about that later), I am forced to leave my own living room.
Gone are the days of College basketball, baseball, and football whenever I wanted to watch them. This is not to say that I would give up my wife to get my TV freedom back (I would give up TV for good if she wanted me to); I just wish that I had been warned in advance about the change.
So single guys, I hope you enjoy watching those Thursday night football games and random college basketball games. There is some woman out there who will take them away from you one day and replace them with shows that feature giggling teenagers, college kids, and shallow plot lines. Prepare yourselves. You have been warned.


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