Thursday, March 30, 2006

Investigating Barry Bonds: Its about Time

All I have to say is that it is about time. He should have been investigated years ago. Bonds saying he does not use steroids is like when the media tries to say that it is not biased or when you read at the top of the New York Times that it is "All the News that is Fit to Print": anybody who is paying any attention at all knows it just ain't true.
A few years ago Pete Rose was kicked out of baseball because of gambling on games and, because of the passage of time, he will never be in the baseball hall of fame. No one challenges that his records and statistics are not 100% real; in other words, when he was on the field, it was his talent and his hard work that resulted in an amazing career. I won't argue that he made poor choices in gambling, I just ask how he could be kicked out of baseball and kept out of the hall of fame for gambling and Barry Bonds can be allowed to continue to play year after year and come close to owning one of the most coveted records in baseball (the career home run record) without even a serious investigation into whether he was using steroids? The rumors have been floating around for years and he is as big as the side of a house, yet baseball has never bothered to seriously check into whether he was using steroids or not. While I can't predict the outcome of the investigation, I have a feeling that it won't vindicate Barry.
Should he be found to have used steroids, it will be interesting to see what the MLB does. It took them years to get up enough guts to investigate him; if that investigation reveals that he used steroids, how long will it take baseball to punish him? Will they have the guts to impose a proper punishment? If he did use steroids and there is any justice he will be kept out of the hall of fame and his name will be expunged from the ranks of Aaron and Ruth, two players who did not need steroids to hit 700 home runs. Baseball wouldn't do any favors for Pete Rose; it certainly shouldn't do any for Barry Bonds.


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