Friday, March 31, 2006

Allow ourselves to introduce... ourselves...

Well, since we have just sort of jumped right into this blogging thing without much by way of introduction, I thought now would be a good time to let our readers (both of them) know what to expect from us. Here are some basics:

(1) We are all law students at a school in Alabama - If you read this blog at all, I'm sure you can figure out which one...

(2) We all have pretty conservative views, and intent to use this blog as a forum to discuss them - however we will be glad to entertain any contrary (i.e. Pinko) views that you wish to advance in the comments section

(3) We intend to remain anonymous (hence the Groom pseudonyms) - if you read this blog and you think that you have figured us out, please keep it to yourself so that we can pretend that nobody knows

(4) Our content will not be restricted to any particular theme or topic - you can some expect serious entries, some entirely frivolous entries, some dealing with substantive points of law that we find interesting, and some just poking fun of people and/or things (what you will not find are cutesy-putesy posts with headings like "Law School is Like a Box of Chocolates...")

(5) Anyone is free to comment on this blog free from censorship - provided you refrain from profane or outright slanderous language

(6) We are not bitter people (moderately disgruntled sometimes, but not bitter), so don't expect a lot of posts about how much we think law school sucks. I don't suggest that we all love law school all the time, but bitching is just not what we are all about. Call us gunners, call us a bunch of dorks, we don't care - law school just aint that bad. If you are looking for a pity party, there are plenty of those law school blogs out there... (See e.g. Law Bitches; The Bitter Law Student; and Barely Legal)


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